ATM Encoded Cleaning Card

This product is designed specifically to trigger the sentry gates on Automated Insertion ATM machines. Once inserted, they will clean the top of magnetic heads, clean card pathways and clean card transport belts and rollers. (10 cards per box)

Order Number: TS-CCSR-64-IPA                              Price: $12.99
Waffletechnology Card Reader Cleaning Card CR80

Waffletechnogy uses raised platform to  reach the leading and rounded edges of the magnetic heads found in all magnetic card readers. The superior cleaning card is embraced by OEM's to out perform the standard flat style cleaning cards. (40 cleaning cards per box)

Order Number: TS3-HSCB40    Price: $23.97
Card Reader Cleaning Card CR80

Card reader cleaning cards are used to keep debit and credit card,readers, dip readers, POS terminal, door locks, swipe ATM's, time card readers, gas pumps, player tracking and other equipment clean of debri and running as designed.  ( 50 cleaning cards per box)

Order Number: TS-1MPS30             Price: $15.99

Dual Action Card Reader Cleaning Card

This Presaturated dual action cleaning card is designed to scrub tough residue from the magnetic heads within card readers. This double-sided card has one course(blue) side for extra scrubbing power and one smooth side for normal cleaning. (10 cards per box)

Order Number: TS2-HDA80B10       Price: $9.38
Card Reader Cleaning Card CR50

Card reader require preventative maintenance for keeping the magnetic heads clean and debris free from  contamination build up. Cleaning cards are a cost effective way to maintain your card readers and increases the life of the magnetic heads. ( 50 cleaning cards per box)

Order Number: TS2-H50B50           Price: $15.99

Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card

Cleaning Cards designed to keep contact points clean and debris free on all SmartCard Readers with contacts points.  (50 cleaning cards per box)

Order Number: TS-1SMTPS             Price: $16.99
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Ingenico Cleaning Card

Ingenico Cleaning Cards are approved by Ingenico to clean and remove contaminants from all Ingenico card readers. This design will clean both the smart card reader and the swipe reader, plus it is both safe and effective when inserted into the card reader as you would any credit card. (40 cleaning cards per box)

Order Number: TSING-HSCB40                Price: $22.99
(10 piece minimum order)